Rust protecion


Aqua City is the official representative in Estonia and Latvia, of the Swedish company Auson AB. The company represents materials and technologies of drawing such products as Noxudol and Mercasol. These products include rust protection materials for protection of external, internal surfaces, the anti-gravel materials, the strengthened reinforced structures for wheel arches, zinc soil, and also means and materials for post repair restoration of anti-corrosive protection of cars. Deliveries of materials, are made for producers of automotive vehicles, such as Volvo, Saab, Scania, Neoplan, Ford.


Any owner of the car who wishes that its car always has presentable appearance. Thus regardless of car service conditions, sooner or later the car corrosion’s which deprives your vehicle of a trade appearance and also reduces safety and integrity of a car body. It is important to note that all cars, irrespective of the level of their factory anti-corrosive processing, are subject to corrosion. For this reason processing by an anti-corrosive materials for car body it is extremely important and necessary for any car. After all over time small rusty spots will change in the menacing openings which edges will be fragmentary, and car doesn’t loss any presentably.


It is important to know that the corrosion destruction are subject not only hardware from ordinary steel, but also a design with special coverings — for example, zincked. Research confirmed that the zincked body protects the car more than the nonzincked. However sooner or later corrosion strikes also it. That is why any factory protection isn’t eternal. The greatest anti-corrosive firmness had zincked bodies which have been in addition processed by materials of Auson AB concern processed.


The car anti-corrosive protection completely won’t allow to avoid corrosion processes, but will precisely try to stop corrosion. Our company offers You to carry out process at the high level of professionalism with use of the most modern materials. Competent anti-corrosive processing will become reliable protection for a car body, will prevent all undesirable processes of formation of a rust and will allow you to be proud of the car very long time.


The Aqua City company gives a guarantee of 1-3 years from a through rust for the used cars and 8 years for new cars, on condition of observance of the special post warranty program.


Anti-corrosive processing of cars includes processing of the bottom of the car, the wheel arches, the hidden cavities on the bottom, doors, covers of a cowl, a luggage carrier etc. It is important to note also that processing of the hidden cavities is carried out without drilling but only through technological openings with the maximum dismantling, by use of technological cards that the Auson AB concern has only. Duration of a production cycle of processing is 10 hours.


Based on long-term experience and the numerous researches Auson AB, Aqua City offers the comprehensive program of protection of a body from corrosion. The main key to success of this program is exact performance of technological norms and observance of sequence of works. Stages of anti-corrosive processing:


1. Car bottom drying and removal of wheel arch covers/ plastic underbody shields – 3 hours./ PS! Underbody and frame wash is added to SUVs – 2 hours.
2. . Car bottom and wheel arch cleaning – 2 hours.

3. Diagnostics of the condition of anti-corrosive covering that has been applied by the factory or other company – 0,5 hours.

At detection of the centers of a rust the surface is cleaned and is prepared in advance; in the presence of rust we carry out treatment with Noxudol Rust Eater

4. Treatment of closed surfaces on the bottom of the car (in accordance with technological maps) – 1 hour.

5.Coating the car bottom and wheel arches with anti-corrosion agent and visual inspection – 2.5 hours.

6. Reinstallation of wheel arch covers and plastic underbody shields – 1.5-2 hours.

7. Car closed surface treatment of doors, hood, etc. (according to technological cards) – 1 hour.

8. Cleaning of the outer surface of the car body from processing residues and quality control of the performed treatment – 1 hour.

9. TDelivery of the warranty card to the holder


Exact observance of technology to processing, use of the professional equipment, existence of technological cards – all this allows the Aqua City company to perform works on anti-corrosive processing of the car with high quality.


Complex processing (internal surfaces + bottom)               250,00 €
Complex processing (internal surfaces + sound damping in the bottom) 350,00 €
Processing of bottom       from 180,00 €
Processing of bottom with sound damping material from 250,00 €
Vehicle detail interior surface soundproof treatment            from 150,00 €
Vehicle bottom preparation / mechanical rust removal before treatment            250,00 € day
Rust protection control 100,00 €
Vehicle underbody wash with high pressure washer            from 60,00 €
Universal mud flaps with mounting        from 140,00 €


Prices includes VAT 20%

– Workshop manager may appoint an additional cost, if it is required by the state of the vehicle or the nature of the work.

– Aqua City is not responsible for the items left in the car.


You can view images of work that have been carried out by us on our Facebook page or videos on Youtube