Aqua City is a fast crowing company, who specialize in BMW and MINI vehicle maintenance and repair. Our main services are car care services, car service, rust protection, body works and spare parts. We strive for perfection and we will do everything possible to make our customers receive the maximum quality of service where value and quality is perfectly balanced.


Our Vision

Our goal is to make your vehicle visually more appealing and thereby more valuable for You. The main arguments that talk in our favor are:
1. Professionalism and confidence – we know what we’re doing and that is why we know our area well. Thereby, comes the confidence for the services that we offer.

2. Customer Friendly Service – this is our attitude, we are open-minded when dealing with our clients.

3. Continuous self-improvement – we understand that in order to provide our customers with the best service, we need to continually expand our skills.

4. Team spirit – together we can do better, this is why we appreciate each other’s support and the ability to work together.

5. Care and comfort – this is the benefit what our customers must receive. We are working so that your life would be easier and more convenient.