Car body polishing


Car body polishing is an important part of car maintenance. This procedure does not only make the paint coat gloss but also helps to remove micro-cracks on the surface and other unevenness, which are less visible to the naked eye. After polishing the car the paint coat has a protective layer that protects from harmful effects. There are two kinds of polishing:

  • restoring polishing.
  • protective polishing.

Car Body Restoring Polishing: is quite a time consuming process. As a result following defects are removed: scratches, rubbings and oxidized surface layers, which cause the fading of paintwork. Restoring polishing is done in several stages using a polishing machine. In the first stage a thin layer of paint is removed from the surface. Then, the surface is treated with a paste. In the last step the protective polishing will took place. The result is a car with fresh paint look.


Aqua City also provides our customers with a car softening polishing. This is a polishing method – between a protective and restoring polishing. This method is used to restore paint coat that is not very worn-out. Color Coating, which doesn’t need restoration, but which gloss has begun to fade, it is useful to be treated with this method. In this polishing method a polishing machine is used and a low-coat paste material is used here, it allows to restore the original shine without removing a coat of paint.


Like all other services related to car maintenance or repair, it is also important to trust the work to the professionals. Car paint polishing is carried out only with high-quality materials, and with the help of modern equipment. Therefore, the services offered by us – is the professional care for your car. 


Car protective polishing: The basic difference between the restoring polishing is that the polishing compound is used, which does not contain abrasive particles. Protective polishing is recommended to be done twice a year, before the winter and after the end of the winter in spring. The protective polishing can be divided into shallow (pre-sale) and weather protective coating. The polishing method depends on the condition of the car state and the customer’s wishes.  Aqua City offers two different protective polishing:



1. Nano Wax. The use of these materials guarantees long-term protection of the paintwork. Thanks to the product it makes an invisible barrier, that prevents water and dirt to damage to the colour coat, thanks to that car paintwork is protected during long months. Bird droppings, and other negative factors will not cause anymore damage to your car coat. The last for the wax is 12 months.



Ceramic protection is useful for the car during both summer and winter. Ceramic protection protects against scratches, external damage of the chemicals (such as pitch, salt, rusting of studded tires). It also protects against the corrosive effects of insect spots and gives dirt and water-repellent protective layer. Ceramic wax is more durable than ordinary wax and it gives protecting layer for 12-24 months.


Window Polishing: Aquapel Glass Treatment is based on the latest technology in window restorer. This unique treatment may cover both the front and side windows of the car. The result is crystal-clear visibility in all weather conditions, particularly at night.

Restorer makes the glass surface smoother. This makes the work of the wiper better and the glass becomes water and dirt resistant.


Headlight restoration: if the glasses are lightly faded, it does not yet mean that You need to buy new lights. The plastic surface of the light can be effectively restored. Headlight restoration allows the light to restore the original appearance, and more importantly – optical characteristics. Headlight restoration takes time twenty-four hours. Headlight restoration is necessary, in terms of both safety and comfort. Headlight restoration can be used only if the light cover is made of plastic.






Restoring polishing
Contains pitch removal (Deep)

450,00 €


500,00 €

Protective polishing
Contains pitch removal (Nano Wax)

90,00 €


110,00 €

Ceramic wax
Contains pitch removal (Ceramic Pro)

from 450,00 €


from 500,00 €


Light tinting with varnish


60,00 €/tk


Headlight restoration


60,00 €/tk




Prices includes VAT 20%


– Workshop manager may appoint an additional cost, if it is required by the state of the vehicle or the nature of the work.


You can view images of work that have been carried out by us on our Facebook page or videos on Youtube