It is essential for long-term and safe operation of the vehicle to do auto diagnostics in time to time. Car diagnosis is a service which does not ask much time or money. As the car is in technical means at high risk, careful monitoring of his condition is important.

Regular and quality diagnostics of the car allows you to get an objective look of the work of all systems. Modern diagnostic system is based on computer hardware and the software is used to test the car before the breakdown or for the preparation of repair work.

Our company offers a range of services to BMW owners of auto-diagnostic. High quality and fast auto diagnostics are done with modern equipment, which are equipped with the newest computer programs.

Vehicle diagnostics

60,00 €


Prices includes VAT 20%


- Workshop manager may appoint an additional cost, if it is required by the state of the vehicle or the nature of the work.

- Aqua City is not responsible for the items left in the car.
You can view images of work that have been carried out by us on our Facebook page or videos on Youtube