In BMW regular service’s engine oil change procedure is important because the engine slowly loses oils original characters. Furthermore, the amount of oil in the engine reduces, some vaporize, some is burnt and older machines have often oil leaks. The oil level falling below the prescribed limits and significant weakening of the oil features, which usually lead to more intense wear and tear of the engine or its complete breaking, which in turn can lead to dangerous situations in traffic. That is why every car owner changes regularly engine oil after a certain milage.


Aqua City has all the equipment necessary to change oil. The old oil is pumped into the container via tube using a special device, and the oil filter is removed with the special device. Aqua City recommends that you use a soft wash, for which function is needed a long time and thus have a guaranteed maximum engine parts protection. In addition, the procedure dissolves out harmful particles.


What kind of oil to use for oil change? How to choose the right oil? Answer to these questions gives our center master. Do not pay doubt, agree in advance the time of oil change with us and in the agreed time, all the preparations are made for your car oil change. It is important to mention that we offer our clients only high quality products. Come to Aqua City center, and our masters will exchange the oil in your car according to all the rules and You do not have to worry about potential engine problems.



Oil Description Price 1L.
Castrol 5W30 Full Synthetic motor oil for gasoline and diesel engines. 9,00
Castrol 5W40 Fully synthetic, with high performance motor oil that meets the high requirements set out in the working of the engine. 8,00 €
Castrol 10W40 semi-synthetic engine oil. 7,00 €
Engine Tune Up & Flush Additives for oil. Soft through the engine room, is composed of specialized solvents, oils and impurities, cleans the engine and prevents new ones from forming warfare. 9,50 €
WORK 40,00 €


Prices do not include VAT 20%


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