Wondering how to choose a BMW or how to check a car before you buy it? You can consult with our technical center on this matter. By doing a diagnosis to the car before you buy, it allows You to do maximum range of checks in our center.
Checking the car before purchase service includes:
- checking the condition of the car body, with the detect of body damage;
- measurement of the varnish layer with a special device;
- identification of car body repair carried out using a special device;
- checking the condition of the engine;
- checking the levels and quality of working fluids;
- inspection of the belts;
- inspection of the gearbox;
- test-drive with the car;
- computer diagnostics of electronic systems;
- inspection of the vehicle’s suspension on the lift.
The diagnostics expert will give a written report about the condition of the vehicle, as well as recommendations for future repair works if needed.

Car check

80,00 €


Prices includes VAT 20%


- Workshop manager may appoint an additional cost, if it is required by the state of the vehicle or the nature of the work.

- Aqua City is not responsible for the items left in the car.
You can view images of work that have been carried out by us on our Facebook page or videos on Youtube