Many car owners think they know everything about their BMW. But did you know that your car may have hidden features that will be available, if you perform chip tuning for diesel or gasoline engine with turbocharger?
A high-quality chip tuning will increase the engine power and torque up to 30% and will reduce fuel consumption. All this can be done without any damage to your BMW and usually without mechanical intervention.
Chip tuning – electronical re-programming the engine control unit settings. The ignition and fuel tables, fuel supply, torque limiters, throttle position and boost pressure, all these things can change the engine power significantly and his character. The search for optimal and safe setting is a complex and comprehensive work and is carried out by professionals, using DYNO stand.
Chip Tuning gasoline engines
Petrol engine power is limited due to the capacity and efficiency of its liter capacity. If we can not affected the two parameters without the modification of the engine, then many others can be changes by programming the engine management program. Wattages and dynamics can be impacted remarkably by changing composition of the mixture, which is formed with the air and fuel, the ignition angle location, as well as of the air pressure in a turbine. To direct-injection engine power and economy has impact the number of injection contacts and the phase.
Chip tuning diesel engines
Chip tuning diesel engines has a more pronounced effect of fuel economy compared to gasoline engines. This is due to the traction characteristics of the diesel engine and the torque that is available from the lowest engine speeds. Chip tuning substantially increase’s the torque of the diesel engine and allows the car to move with greater dynamics, but at lower speed and with higher gears at the gear box. In addition you also get a sizeable reduction in fuel consumption.
The advantages of chip tuning on diesel engines:
- in intensive driving with high speed You can perform stable accelerations when overtaking other vehicle.
- effective torque, which facilitates the management of the car in urban use.
- easier movement of fully loaded machine.
It is also worth noting that our company specializes exclusively in BMW cars chip tuning. In programming will check all the parameters in DYNO stand and at request of the customer’s present schedule, which is reflects the parameters, before and after.
Chip Tuning: from 400 EUR
DYNO stand: 100 EUR
Prices includes VAT 20%
- Workshop manager may appoint an additional cost, if it is required by the state of the vehicle or the nature of the work.
- Aqua City is not responsible for the items left in the car.