Our technical center carries out a high-quality repair of BMW ZF ja GM automatic gearboxes.
BMW automatic transmissions are a complex and wonderful thing when they are working properly. But when internal problems cause the transmission to act up, it takes a fair amount of expertise and experience to diagnose the fault. If the problem is not low fluid, a faulty solenoid, valve body or controller, the transmission usually has to come out for a tear down and inspection. This can be a time-consuming process, so many shops simply replace the transmission when there is a major internal problem rather than trying to repair or rebuild it themselves.
But once the transmission is out, the real work begins. If the transmission is being replaced, the new transmission, either reconditioned or new, must be checked out. The front pump and torque converter also need to be inspected and installed, and all sensors, solenoids, valve body and filters changed out, replaced and checked.
If an overhaul is recommended, the transmission is disassembled, each part is inspected and measured, and worn components are replaced, as well as seals, bearings and bushings. Once everything is ready to go, the transmission is then reassembled.
So rebuilding automatic transmissions is an exact science that requires familiarity with the unit being rebuilt as well as the correct parts, tools and specifications.
In case of using used transmission, no one can guarantee that there are no internal problems and it is working properly.
So when You are having trouble, please do not hesitate to contact us!
- Workshop manager may appoint an additional cost, if it is required by the state of the vehicle or the nature of the work.
- Aqua City is not responsible for the items left in the car.