RAPTOR is a U-POL factory unique protective coating product that is tough -, durable – and tintable. The product is designed for use in harsh conditions. The product is mainly used for pick-up bed liners, vans, off-road vehicles, marine-, agricultural- and general engineering industries.


The product provides a durable and highly resistant surface which will protect against rust, corrosion, salt, moisture and aggressive solutions, even in extreme climates and in hight temperatures. This will restore the most damaged and uneven surfaces and gives the vehicle a new finish and strong defense. Once applied, it will dry rapidly to give a scratch, stain and U.V. resistant durable surface. No need to wax after application. Other benefits include good adhesion, water resistance and flexibility. It will also deaden sound and vibrations. RAPTOR protective coating processing stages:


1. The treated surface cleaning.

2. Preparation of the treated surface with sandpaper to remove the rust, and uneven surfaces.

3. Coating the surface with the first coat layer (1mm).

4. Coating the surface with second layer (subquent coats can be applied observing a 60 minute drying period between coats).

5. Car Body external surface cleaning of residues and drying of the vehicle (it is recommended to allow the vehicle to dry for 2-3 days after the treatment).


Exact observance of technology of the processing, use of the professional equipment – all this allows the Aqua City company to perform works with RAPTOR with high quality.



Pick-up bed liner processing            550,00 €
Sedan SUV
The whole car processing from 1 500,00 € from 1 800,00 €


Prices includes VAT 20%


- Workshop manager may appoint an additional cost, if it is required by the state of the vehicle or the nature of the work.

- Aqua City is not responsible for the items left in the car.
You can view images of work that have been carried out by us on our Facebook page or videos on Youtube