Dear customers, we have a new partner Liisi Leasing! 17/09/2014

Liisi Leasing is a convenient way to follow in payment to acquire the necessary goods, regardless of which bank you are a customer. You can also choose your preferred amount of the contribution.


LIISI advantages:

1. Easy management. Sign a contract directly with our representation;

2. Fast decisions. The application will get an answer only in few moments;

3. Flexible terms. LIISI good customers have especially favorable conditions;

4. You can lease single products or a whole basket of products and in addition You can lease services;


LIISI conditions:

1. The duration of the leasing period can be from 1 to 48 months. You can choose a suitable repayment period;

2. Interest on the loan amount remains between 14-22% and depends on the selected leasing period;

3. Contract fee starting from 10 euros;

4. For LIISI VIP customer there are more favorable terms;


Do not hesitate to ask LIISI leasing! We always find the best solution for You.

Liisi järelmaksu koduleht.
Liisi järelmaksu üldtingimused.
The service provider is Home Leasing OÜ. The annual percentage rate is 32.96% per year under the following sample: Loan for the amount of 450 € of 12 months contract period. PS! Each loan is a financial obligation. Think over your decision carefully – check out the loan terms and conditions and if necessary, consult with experts.